Another Morning,Another Gift

Under the shadow of a sky scraping tower
A gypsy woman looking absolutely tired kneaded the flour
As another woman fashionably attired zipped past in a car
On the road freshly splashed with tar.

The gypsy clothes swayed about in the morning breeze
Fluttering about in an effort to seize
The fresh new day
Under a sky, patch worked and gray.

Where the under clothed and underfed gypsies
Performed different chores, the gypsy women now bending on their knees.
There were stirrings in the gypsy nest
In a fake flamboyance dressed, a child clinging to her breast.

One woman ignited a fire
While her man puffed away lounging on an impaired tyre.
From the neem tree, now lustily cawed a crow
At night, from its branch had hung a lamp burning low

Throwing flickering, shadows ghostly
On these itinerant folk who owned nothing costly
Except the diamond studded canopy over head
Under which, utterly exhausted, they had gone to bed.

Morning woke with a gigantic yawn
The budding cricketers cheering on a shy and bashful dawn
Up into the sky went the lusty cry of how’s that
Gripped by a complex severe, on the road scurried a black cat.

In a medley of deep tongued peals the bells of labour struck
To these peals its rumbles added a monstrous truck
Before the furnace the gypsy woman kneeled
In a Mercedes a chauffeur drove his master well heeled.

With sacks flung on their shoulders a twosome grimy and bedraggled
Looked at a bejeweled woman who haggled
With the vegetable vendor
While the gypsy woman breast fed her child tender.

The excitement of the rag pickers heightened
And their eyes brightened
Small faces broke into broad grins
As their eyes fell on something in the overflowing dustbins.

An apple half eaten and a half full packet of chips
Had brought huge smiles on their parched lips.
Soon the morning, like a ship,
Was ready for another trip.

Perked by the merry breeze
And the joyously swaying trees
It jumped into the maelstrom of another day
While the sun sent down ray upon bright ray.

Its cool colors and fresh fragrances the new morning flaunted
And moved ahead, confident and undaunted
To sail along with a buoyant lift

Another morning, another gift.

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