Another Day

The leaves of darkness swept away

to a corner in the East,

the sky sets fire to morning glory.

Every leaf and bud yawns open

their sleepy eyes and another day

takes strides with you on a morning walk.

The vertical gardens on metro pillars

look green with envy at the

wild growing plants on the sidewalk.

Tarmac roads licking old wounds,

take a deep breath before traffic gains momentum.

Practised laughter in varying tones

from the laughter club rend the air.

Luminous now, the clouds float along…

Turning into polar bears, their

claws taunt the vanity of skyscrapers.

Satchels strapped on shoulders

children wait for their school van.

Mothers wave them to a bright future.

Spreading life on a frying pan,

flipping over customs,  you watch

traditions sticking to the bottom.

Along with coffee, morning news

Spills over into your living room.

The gory details of a carnage

happening on another side of the globe

make your day.

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