We wait,
we wait in the long shadows
of a long longing
to be
and to see
and to be free
of waiting in the long shadows
of a long longing,
for those things
all those things,
that burn inside of us
with unrequited longing
to burst into flames
and be consumed in spectacular conflagration
of everything and everyone
and everywhere
all at the same time;
that time we spend
in the long shadows
of a long longing
to be..

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6 thoughts on “Anhelos

  1. Sunil Sharma

    Over the years, Louis, the cerebral poet, has evolved into a mystic who sees things differently than a pair of mundane eyes!

    He is able to synthesize intellect and idiom; thought and emotion, in single works, a la the Metaphysical poets.

    Pictures inspire the restrained flood in him.
    The combo works fine here—and elsewhere—where text and visual speak mutually, and, as a unit, to a reader out for another kind of sensory experience via arts.

    Except Rumi, i have not come across such a meditative piece on long longing and desire for their annihilation in the same moment.

    As Rumi declares: Longing is the core of the mystery. …

    Louis dabbles and tries to reveal, few bold verbal strokes, that core here!
    Spanish-English interact—there is lightness of being, in this profundity!


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