Angel in the House

Angel In The House

She rings the doorbell

and walks in.

Rush hour begins…

In no time, kitchen sink crowded with dirty dishes,

charred pots and pans like in Exo Bar commercials

gleam, wink and twinkle.

The broom navigates its course

through the room, like the deft moves

of the mouse on the desktop

in the manicured hands of the mistress.

She hangs wet clothes on the line

as political scams are laundered for next day’s sound byte

by her bossy counterpart.

Aerobic lessons and fitness programmes,

no match for her figure and stamina.

Academic conferences and seminars

on equal wages for women

fall short of the ‘home maker’

who makes many a home on a single day.

The sweat of her labour squares gender polarity

in her own home and elsewhere.

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Former Professor of English from Kochi, India. Holds doctoral degree in African literature; loves to read and write poems; has published poems in journals and would like to engage in discussions on literary themes.

5 thoughts on “Angel in the House

  1. Jan P

    Great poem. It takes a great man to understand the “homemakers life” is harder than it sounds. Congrats you hit the nail with a big hammer.

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