And when your lips touch mine

And when your lips touch mine,
A stimulating gaiety spreads around.
I see the sky in resplendent
Rainbow colors.
I am transported to those realms
Where minarets sway
And church spires like stars twinkle.
I get lost in dreams sweet.

You touch the domain of my dainty dreams
Creating great moments of epiphany.
I look at the clumps of jasmine bushes,
The coral-pink roses, the vibrant blue-bells,
All kissing each other while the wind
Holds for a while, not willing
To disturb the passionate kissing.

With your calloused hands,
You touch the strands of my hair
While I revel in the joys,
In the moment-to moment feeling.
Our primeval instincts aroused,
With love-dusted wings, we fly
And continue kissing amidst the clouds.

You look at me in the eyes
Drawing me closer to you.
I feel like a pool replenished
By a joyously cascading
Waterfall of beauty rare.
I am swept off my feet,
My heart skips a few beats
And my womanhood gets infused
In the charms of magic.

pramila khadun

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About pramilakhadun

I am the holder of a Bsc degree in Food and Nutrition from S.N.D.T University,Pune,India.Have taught this subject in a private institution for almost thirty-five years.Currently, I am retired and travel alot with my husband Raj, daughters Dr Rajnee and Priyum and son Airline Captain.Had my first book of poetry published by Minerva press, London and other two in Mauritius.More coming soon.I love poetry and enjoy reading poems of poets across the world and I feel Destiny Poets is the right place for me.

9 thoughts on “And when your lips touch mine

  1. suzette portes san jose

    the sensual touch of your words dear Pram…makes me long to getting marry but the big problem is i have no one 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. pramilakhadun Post author

      Dear Suzette, prince charming will come at the right time.I am glad u liked the poem.Thanks dear.

  2. Martin platts

    What a joy to hear the reality of romance through the passion of a simple kiss with one you love. A delight to read your poem.


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