and when they were done

and when

they were



they were done,

 they stood and stared

at an empty cross

an empty


with their

empty eyes

with their

empty eyes

they began

to create

and their





and invisible gods

with agendas

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About Keith Wallis

Keith Wallis Keith Wallis is an English poet. He is a senior part of the leadership team of Houghton Regis Baptist church. An engineering designer by trade he brings a eye for detail as well as faith into his poetry. He is currently ‘poet in residence’ at Ruby e-zine and a moderator at His blog of ekphrastic* poetry is: where you’ll also find links to his books and his other blogs. Married to Val in 1970 he has two sons and three grandsons. The eldest grandson is disabled and cannot communicate verbally. Val is a literacy teacher and occasionally despairs of her husbands rebellious use of punctuation. Though not an ‘academic’ (school was a disaster) he was always fond of writing. He began submitting work for publication in the 1980’s after being encouraged by David R Morgan at that time the local community writer in residence. A number of small press magazines and anthologies took the work (poetry and graphics). Four small booklets were published over the following few years, three published by Stride Publications and one by Sol Publications. Joining in 2005 (and subsequently becoming a moderator) re-energised his writing. Recently work has published by: RootsWorship, EveryDayPoets, PoetryMonthly International, Word Catalyst Magazine, The Cypress Times, Christian Poet's Pen, Perpetual Magazine, Bewildering Stories, FaithFilledFamily magazine and Ruby magazine. Recent books : 'in moments like these': 'a River of Small Stones': 'by still waters' : 'a River of Small Stones ii': *ekphrastic means using one form of art to inform another – Keith uses his own photography as that base on this blog.

8 thoughts on “and when they were done

      1. lokesh roy

        Dear Mr Wallis. Take it from me that your poem has touched me…or else why should I comment ! all that I felt is that the word AGENDA in the end, a bit offbeat or may be I have not gathered it fully .

          1. lokesh roy

            pardon me for going little overboard , the poem is so deep that I am tempted to indulge a bit !…..alternatives that come to mind are——Rituals/sermons/slogans .

  1. thenownows

    I too like the opening line, there’s a great underlying sense of menace there which I really like, especially as “they” are absent. Cheers.

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