And then came Spring

And then came spring in my homeland
Grand it was, warm and glowing, larks peacefully trilling
Grass sprouting green.
Grasshoppers all set to preen
Squirrels spiritedly scampering around
Soothed by the air fresh and bracing.
Nature flaunted its flamboyant attire fine
The ancient oak watched with indulgence benign
As a tiny girl romped along the flowerbeds fine.

Ah, in my mind larks still sing and daffodils grin
Serenading those dreams elfin.

Through closed eyes, I glimpse vistas shining.
How does one console a silly heart pining
For those days of yore?

The russet shadows of evening
Hugging the pine trees
Happy the breeze.
My fancy rushes me on eagle’s wings
To that snug spot on that grassy knoll
Tiny ears pricked to the crickets call.
Wherever I go those memories I lug
Ah, how at my heart strings they tug!
My heart is cold, covered with snow.
But the invincible summer skulking within
Making my parched lips break into a grin.

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