And the truth shall..

We told so many lies

that we can no longer

recognise the truth ,

although the truth

was meant to be all

all that was to be

believed in ;

Still we don’t recognise it

because of all the lies

we tell and there are

so very many of them ;

little ones ,little white ones ,

necessary ones ,innocent ones ,

childish ones ,ones meant to

protect those we love ;

and now the truth is gone

eviscerated by all our lies ,

each and every one of them a nail

and then another nail

and then the final nail

through our flesh and

into the cross ,

nailed there for all to see

how little truth

really means

to you and me ;

and then and then and then

after all,

we need to tell our very next lie.

3 thoughts on “And the truth shall..

  1. aashi

    So true and nice to listen to Sir. Really the truth is so intermingled in our lies that it’s impossible to separate it from there.


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