An Unsolved Case

the abandoned log cabin

at the foot of the mountains

far away from the nearest town ;

the place where over forty years ago

evil came to call ;

” a veritable charnel house ” ,

trumpeted newspapers at the time ;

they found crimson shaded footprints

leading off into the woods ,

the bodies got buried discreetly ,

the axes and various other tools were destroyed

fingerprints got wiped ,

no further enquiries ensued ;

the police inspector and aldermen of the town ,

cowered in a cold sweat

every night in their beds

as they listened to

the screaming …

3 thoughts on “An Unsolved Case

  1. Rashmi Malapur

    But, please reveal the mystery… What is it all about….

    Its wonderfully narrated. The flow is excellent & it takes you there.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem.


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