An Ode To Facebook

Facebook shapes the contours of an affectionate solidarity,
Among virtual strangers, with no geographical proximity.

There is no dearth of ego tussles,
And a virtual show of muscles.

Bracing and invigorating discussions,
High pitched debates and volatile equations.

One storms in like a bull in a china shop,
Another armed like a vigilant cop.

Deriding another with a stiff upper-lip,
Showing disapproval like the crack of a whip.

The heat intense; the environment tense,
With all the makings of a thriller and edge of the seat suspense.

We race ahead with generous laughter and a ready wit,
Serendipitously finding among the strangers, a kindred spirit.

At times rebuked by a sagacious senior,
Another simmers away beneath a joyful veneer.

Quiet flashes of honesty, mischief and also rumor,
Enlivened by a self-deprecatory humor.

Like the merry murmurings of myriad brooks,
We jabber away; often talking about books.

Discussing Derrida, King, M. Gandhi and Malcolm X,
With bated breath waiting for what will come nex’

At times there is a discordant note,
Followed by an inspiring quote.

In cowboy style one shoots from the hip,
While another gracefully acknowledges a well-meaning tip.

One’s misgivings smoothed over by someone’s gentle perspicacity,
We bask on in this tumultuous tranquility.

Riding on on this addictive roller coaster,
Often even forgetting the bread slice in the toaster!

So what, doesn’t this provide us food for thought,
What if, at times on the wrong foot we are caught?

A dissonant consonance and a euphonious cacophony,
All threads heading towards a rampant harmony.

Of myriad ideas a happy fusion,
A peaceful sense emerging from this Babelesque confusion.

We turn in for the night (Or is it already dawn?),
And peep through the window; ah, a new day is being born.

where is the time to whine and mope
When everyday there is unfettered enthusiasm and new hope.

With many a virtual handshake and a hug,
We the varied hued people feel as snug as a bug in a rug.

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