Ode to a City


Whether a day breaks or dies down
A night dives into darkness or illuminates
in moonlight
The city is too lively
In amalgamated moods;
Treading with the tunes of its own
In polished ever varying trends
Cheering in passionate colours
Echoing every thrilling tone
As if the lights and sounds
Decor in ornamental outfits!

Often in the huge mask
Of a demon-like creature
Roaring under frustrations and anguish
Multiplying the thirst and hunger
The city opens itself
To deceptive calls that seem inviting!

Trapped are men like rats,
Furiously toddling now and then
On and off, everywhere.
Sometimes draped in the attire of
A middle-aged woman
The city hangs down,
Tired in a day’s routine tantrums
Longing for a lavish midday slumber!

The city leads to an exciting phase
As when a cool breeze awakes
Cooing the hard some agonies
When the dusk nears soothing
It too starts giggling and kidding
Playing hide n’ seek, rolling under the
drifting feet, submitting itself
For sublime catches, leaping high and far
To invade every crowded spot!

Spasmodic is its ebbing, enticed are
The paramecia
Nausea suffocates
Men gambling in streets and
Some inside the intoxicated fineries of malls!

Every minute second being computed
To the cash-tracking machinery!
Alarming is the gigantic eruption of
Anti-social plagiarism!
The city on its own is growing
Capturing grassy greens
Lush valleys, deep forests and
Lands in acres, otherwise of great
Utility values for the livestock,
Gets past now the whims of
Nature’s destiny!

………………. …………. ………………..

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Born on first Nov 1959 in Mumbai, INDIA. Had the schooling at Mumbai & graduated in Physics from Calicut University in Kerala. Married to M Ravindran. We have 2 boys , the elder is Lt. Commdr in Indian Navy & the younger boy is doing his MS ( Aero space) at IIT Chennai,India. I am working as a MATH Teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya since 1980. I write poems in Malayalam, English & Hindi. Published 5 malayalam Poem collections and one in English. Many of my poems have been published in journals.

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