An Independent Candidate’s Frustration

Elections are over
Results have come
People failed
And failed for a long time.

I stood with hope
Against a flock of bastards.
No money
No Power
With education high
And warm blood
I contested with hope.

They had it all
And also an ugly wrinkled image
To crush me down
And boot on my chest.

I now forgot
That I am a citizen of
A democratic paradise
Filled with people
Who carry herd thoughts
And stitched attitude to
Stay stereotypical
In making alternative governments
Enthroning him or her.

I contested with hope
To create a change
And build betterments
Through education
… to employment
But people proved intelligent
They rather prefer freebies
Than my upliftment schemes
And now dumbstruck I sit
Thinking that people have failed
And failed for a long time
Their fate is so
Their heart is so
An independent candidate
Is one among them too
A literal fool.

1 thought on “An Independent Candidate’s Frustration

  1. pramilakhadun

    I can understand how one feels during elections for most of the time the winners are those will money and power and those who have wisdom and the willingness to serve one’s country are helpless.Lovely poem.


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