An Exploited Voice

When I heralded my coming into this world….
some got me aborted,
and the ones who could not do that;
either left me deserted on a place,
to be torn and eaten away by dogs
or buried me alive,
stabbed or drowned,
swapped with boys or burnt,
strangled or sold me to others.
And the ones who were kind enough
not to do that…
their eyes brimmed with tears
or faces turned pale.
Or their heads got lowered due to shame.
I was cursed or pushed aside,
slapped, malnourished,
discriminated and demeaned.
Gradually I grew up
to be assaulted and raped,
to be humiliated for dowry
or for lust,
exploited, advertised,
acidified, exposed,
stripped, criticized,
used, misused rather overused
and thrown,
ditched and rejected,
questioned and forced,
tortured either physically
or emotionally,
pressurized to regenerate,
give birth to and raise
the exploiters to make it
a continued process forever…..

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About aashi

Aashi Husain alias Fatima Afshan is a teacher by profession. She lives in India. Several of her poems have been published in anthologies like 'The Aquillrelle Wall of poetry book five and six', 'Umbilical Chords', 'The Divine Madness', The Dawn Beyond Waste', Colours of Refuge' etc.Apart from poetry, she likes to write short stories and articles too. She writes in Hindi, and Urdu languages also.

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