An Epigram

An Epigram: Her Burial in Her Breathing

Underwent anguish a soul
…… being…….
A mere mass
Whirling, wandering
In a formless Chaos

Then, to Adorn his empty eye
The God sensed
To be brought an Eve
The beautiful, for him, to behold

And the bare Universe
An enriched existence
Registered a creation
In a void formation

But the unaware, dominators
Declined Eve’s daughters
Raising patriarchal brains
Emerged as terrifying giants

Having in the middle, a single
Egoistic eye immense
Desirous to bury them in their hell
Being themselves the ugly Cyclops

©® Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

5 thoughts on “An Epigram

  1. Jagdish Singh Ramana

    Intensive and heartfelt…
    I believe in the existence of God
    For He created you(a woman) not the world.
    बावरम बे वुजूदे ख़ुदा बसकि साख़्त तूरा न ख़ल्क़।
    •रब के वजूद में विश्वास है बस इसलिए कि तुम्हें बनाया न कि सृष्टि।

    1. Naheed Akhtar Post author

      So much humbled and obliged to you dear friend for these wonderful words of yours!!!


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