An Elegy To My Mobile Phone

Whose eyes can behold?
Without blinking
When there is
A deep sleep
Around the eyes’ pupils.
Where to search?
And ask to whom?
When your favourite
Sometimes is lost
With no vestige.
It came in my hands
Covered with coloured wrapper
A formal decorative essential
When it is from my dad.
Model of the year
Most admired
Much desired
A gem like gift
A sister to walkie-talkie
Mobile phone it was.
And I sensed
My father’s love perhaps.
Random thoughts
Preoccupied with ecstasy
I started to walk and talk
Lingering the mosaic
Verandah place.
Where not?
And to whom not?
I spoke for the whole lot
Even after occupying
Entirely in stupor state.
A blissful intoxication
Surrounded me.
I and my mobile phone
A pair so rare
On common grounds.
Not just words
But all the feelings
And my endearments
It saved and kept closed
To unleash in reverie.
I closed my eyes
When sleep tortured
To haunt.
Hound by ghastly figures
And obscure faces in dream
I woke up
With a sardonic yawn
And a ruthless visage.
I crept my hands
Inside the pillow
Only to find
That my mobile phone
Was lost and gone.
Bloody! Who took it?
I harangued my comrades.
In a state of trance
They said
That a thief for sure
Has proved for once
A jack of the trade.
A thief
I thought
In a thieves den
Is seldom
And incredible.
Suspicious I was
And uncertainty
Leapt past everyone
From Tom, Dick to Harry
Turning futile- my endeavors.
All at stake
My hopes
My joy
And my posterity
Again in fantasy.
Giving endless thoughts
I was searching
For a lie
That would suit
My dad’s taunts.
To this moment
In memories abyss
My mobile phone
Scrapes green wounds
Cause of a day’s stay with it.
I am helpless
I cannot trace
Who the culprit is?
So I do feel
Thus I do weep.

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