On the Death of My Heart

O’ my heart! To you I submit my apology
For your untimely passing, I stand guilty
For I put you love, beyond life’s mythology
That asks, to be adhered to its gravity
Being punctually rational, without levity,
Inside conventionally accepted geography
But I left you free, then took off your brevity
I restricted you breathe, as stated in biology
I avow, I must have studied some cardiology

O’ my heart! How felonious methinks
And I weep, I mourn on your sad demise
Caused by me, who is a kind of jinx,
I weep more I mourn more for I do realize
You may never breathe, for a life of its size
I lament! You died, I lament! You are buried
I send my tears to the clouds upon the skies
I ache for the aches, my heart! You carried
I beg your curse! I must never get healed!

©® Naheed Akhtar

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