I am back on the road again,
In the memories of my womb;
Labouring under a heavy sack,
Contracted footsteps, on my way to school.

Now it looks so narrow;
Or has it just shrunk in my head?
Compressed by the life I’ve lived,
And those dreams I had instead?

The city has seduced the land,
There are factories on the grass;
And the crossroads where the fiddler played,
Is now a tower, of steel and glass.

That granite walled old churchyard,
Has grown so many tombs;
But the gravel pathway looks unchanged;
Although a little worn.

My footsteps there still sound the same,
Haunting echo’s of the past,
Holding coffins on my shoulder;
Muffled bells at funeral Mass.

There I find the Celtic Cross,
Names engraved – I know each face,
Part of me lies buried here,
The proud history of my race.

A soft rain falls on ancient trees;
Then a choir of leaves are heard,
Resounding in this sacred place –
A requiem for the dead.

7 thoughts on “An Bóthar (The Road)

    1. John Anthony Fingleton

      Louis, you honour me with your review….thank you so much (I will admit I had to look up Cormac) but on reading I was aware of some of his work.

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for April 2015 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . Poem of the Month ..** Ashtavakra – Vineetha Mekkoth **…..In the Category of Highly Commended ( Tabulated alphabetically ) are the following…..** An Bothar (The Road) – John Anthony Fingleton **…..** Dissolve on me – Rashmi Malapur **…..** Fifty Feathers of my Flight – Iulia Gherghei **…..** Fight the Shadows – Neetu Wali **…..** Fireflies of Time – Maaya Dev **…..** Flowers in a pot – Sunil Sharma **…..** Impailed – Elizabeth Hexberg **…..**Memories – Santosh Bakaya **…..** (The) Minion – Nalini Srivastava **…..**Mortgage Your Blood – Tapeshwar Prasad **…..** On Life’s Meaningful Pauses – Witty Fay **…..** Tunes of Ruin – Rehka Moothedoth **…… ICOP CRITIC Award for April goes to..Pramila Khadun & Maaya Dev.

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