An Appetite

All through the sunny days of childhood

I kept nurturing my brain

Looking after the minutest needs

Toning it with the best lubricants

To excel in tasks given to me

Flattering it with all buttery phrases

So that it gives me all the pleasure

the world asks for.

Poured in almonds

Tuned it to the finest stores of knowledge –

To find one fine morning

That it had its reins tied to the heart

That would not listen to its pleas-

Logical and empirical.

Heart measuring distances

Finding ways to squeeze them

To grab them

And keep in its wrist

Deciphering new scriptures of love

Hidden in sands of time.

Wanting to unravel

All that the world does not want

Lest its pursuit of pleasure is hampered.

Heart knows no petty pleasures

Carries an appetite

For ecstasies

Rare and unfound.

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About Parneet Jaggi

Parneet Jaggi teaches English in Rajasthan, India. She has four collections of poems in English-" Beyond Words" , "Show me How Not to Grow", "Live Love Light" and "Euphonies Of Heart And Soul". Her books, "Matthew Arnold and the Bhagavad Gita: A Study of His Poems" and "Social and Economic Values in the Teachings of Sikh Gurus" reveal her love for religion and philosophy. She is a bilingual poet(English, Punjabi), editor, critic and novelist. Recently her novel "The Call of the Citadel" (co-authored) was released on Amazon. It is a historical fiction revisiting the Indus Valley Civilization and its enigmatic landscape.

4 thoughts on “An Appetite

  1. suzette portes san jose

    heart can hold more than you can simply grasp in your palms
    each beating is thirst and hunger fed by the soul, brain dictates
    but choices are fulfillment…

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