An Amber Patch

Rustling through the tanned leaves
soaked in the aroma of fresh breeze;
Treading on soothing, forsaken trails
 life’s pleasures are but little marvels.
 Far off, gleaming, playful rays are seen
 romancing with the alpine trees, serene;
 Engrossed in the rhythm of nature’s grind
 all are dancing on a set tune of time.
 In this orange grove, runs wild sensation;
 Love lost among the Creator’s creations.


Copyright: DrNikhat Bano
All rights reserved
Image credit: Google
November 5, 2017.
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About Nikhat Bano

I am an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor by profession. I love to write romantic and spiritual poems and I find a great sense of relief after penning down my thoughts on paper. It has now become a passion for me and will continue as long as I live.

9 thoughts on “An Amber Patch

    1. Nikhat Bano Post author

      It’s a meditation done together by the observer and the observed. Only humans can perceive things in totality.


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