An Alpha Male on the National Highway

Each day crowd passed in wheelers of all kinds,
with little patience for
the pedestrians walking with busy minds;
Children were thrown into the school bus
by parents after making a lot of fuss,
A college guy preened his hair five times
to disperse his brimming youth
while throwing stealthy glances ten times
to the lonely girl walking from a mile;
Speakers loudly proclaiming the people’s welfare,
Silently hints at the political warfare.
There was a religious procession that raised
aiming at Selling books,photos,and DVD’s at low price.
My house being very close to the highways,
Makes me also merge with the nation’s mainstream.
Amidst the busy buzzing of vehicles
Spotted, an alpha male on the national highway.
He was a loner creature
untouched by all these worldly rapture
Sitting with no promising future.
He was neither attracted nor repulsed
Whatever happens around his side.
I developed a monster like desire to stir in him a tide.
determined to pass him with a purpose,
to make sure if he is slightly depressed.
He is neither stimulated nor concerned
Simply reciprocated my spooky stare unmoved.
There is no single trace of any feelings
neither pleasant nor detriment.
He was calm and collected in his best attainment.
One question troubled my mind
Why people call him insane
When he posses the awesome traits of an alpha man?
May be his crazy attire would have forced people
to pass this ruthless satire.

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About Kavitha Rani

Hi Friends I am an Assistant Professor in English, working in V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu.India. Our institution is working on the mission of empowering rural womenfolk and I am proud to be a part of it. I have recently started writing poems. Thanks to the genuine souls who encourage me on this road.Basically I would like to be perceived as a simple person who lives at the mercy of God.

11 thoughts on “An Alpha Male on the National Highway

  1. Madhumita Ghosh

    ‘There is no single trace of any feelings
    neither pleasant nor detriment.’ Two lines succinctly bringing out the response of the nondescript, nonchalant city-dweller to the hustle bustle and cacophany of urban life.

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