Ambiguous is the Eve

As the years pass by
Of the Independence we got
My being discerns
Own self dazed

Earnest agony surrounds me
With unmatched rapture
Getting blended

Bowed afore myself for we
Captured back our legacy
Of the Culture
Of the History
Of the Art

Dipping in pangs enormous
Of the lost
Of the bleed
Of the forgotten
The pain, the utmost pain
Surpassing underneath
The monumental Freedom founded

© Naheed Akhtar
Copyright reserved

4 thoughts on “Ambiguous is the Eve

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This struck me as a deeply introspective and gnomic piece that fails to engage the curiousity of the general reader who might otherwise pass this by never having appreciated it .
    It represents quite a downturn in terms of accessibility and ambition from the author’s previous works such as “Let the Womb Hold” among others.

  2. amitapaul

    The wistfulness of painful realisations drips from every word of this poem that cannot but be indirect in its expression in the given scenario .


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