How often will I melt inside
Whenever you are near?
My senses tingle with delight
As hints of you appear;
I cannot help but contemplate
The years which lie ahead,
Or wonder if we shall endure
Once youthfulness has fled…


How many times will pride unfurl
And rage between our hearts?
Our love would dwindle unfulfilled
If one of us departs;
I promise not to walk away
When stormy clouds arise,
And listen for your gentle pleas
To see beyond my eyes…


How long did God embrace our souls
And mold them into one?
I sense a future in your touch
Which cannot be undone;
Within the passion of your kiss
I’ve known it would be you
To penetrate my virgin heart
And let my love shine through…


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About Kenn Allan

Kenn Allan currently resides in the American Pacific Northwest with his wonderful wife/editor of thirty-something years, their resilient daughter, three precocious grandchildren, and an undisclosed number of cats.

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