I have wondered through life’s tears.

Sometimes wandered in my fears.

Left your side from time to time.

Yet You insist,

‘This one is mine.’


I have doubted, fallen through.

Thought perhaps, You left me too.

Broken more times, than made new.

Yet You insist,

‘I so love you.’


I think of all You left behind,

Sacrificed, to lead the blind.

Knowing all the world would do,

and cannot help but Love You too.


I see my life, and see Your Hand.

So many miracles, unplanned.

So many times The world said ‘Done,’

Yet You insist,

‘I’ve got this one.’


So Dear Lord, I thank You so.

For all the times I let You go.

For all the times You carried me

All the times I could not see.

Every sadness, every pain,

To find my Truth in You again.


‘and lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world’


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