All of our days

Our days hang

like calendars on hooks ,

displayed row upon row

upon row upon

once a time when ,

all of our days

ran freely in Sylvan meadows ,

bathed by bright shining sun ,

care-free unfettered until

the calling of the hour

as all our work was done ,

done and dusted

leaving all of our days

to be put on display ,

like calendars on hooks

row upon row ,

upon once a time

where all our days

now hang .

( Similar themes are also explored in the poem , “Bid Time Return” by the same author )

4 thoughts on “All of our days

  1. lokesh roy

    No Mr Kasatkin ! please allow me to be little daring with my comment ! and this is my view that a man’s life never ends-it is a continuum – that is how we have to view it and so shall it seem to us- after all who are we to call it curtains ?

  2. Louis Kasatkin Post author

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    Oh my word! Just when I think it can’t get better, it does. Fantastic and magical and bearing truth.

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