“ Ooh it hurts , hurts , hurts !
I’m the only one allowed
To be incorrect , “ he blurts
I heard, smiled , politely bowed

Time was , sofa legs had skirts
Time was , you reaped when we ploughed
Time was , you issued alerts
Time was , everyone kow- towed

I’m polite but I am firm
You know just what I am doing
Try your best but you will squirm
You will soon be out boo – hooing

Your lame horse needs iron shoeing
Seems like you’ll be doing term
Painful thoughts that you are shooing
Say you’ll soon swallow a worm

My dear Sir , we don’t retreat
We boycott , yes , as per plan
You should know when you are beat
On the chin , like a man

You have your plan , I repeat
I have mine , no flash in pan
On your own turf let us meet
And then do the best we can

Best realise now you are obvious
Best realise you’re now exposed
Best realise however devious
Even rulers are deposed

You may think you’re great and glorious
Everyone can’t be bull dozed
Not famous now but notorious
For we see you merely posed

You are up to your old tricks
Those cold shoulders , those pinpricks
Who can tell who will up sticks ?
Petty favours , pointed picks

No concession , and no quarter
Either way , there is no barter
Your damp squib , your non starter
Says “ You’re smart ? Others are smarter “

( ASA )


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