About a now Painless Bout


About a now Painless Bout

Yes , those years were not yours
Peace , the pieces should give pause
I lived through my pain , again and again
I still hoard it unheard , penned plain
The vice grip on my voice eased
In place paced as I myself pleased
Each leaf of relief under my own control
To use as palimpsest, or crime patrol
Scroll up , scroll down , as I decide
No murderous press for you to preside
Never again that horror of helplessness
Whole that hole that had gaped hopelesssness
Those months and years are mine not lost
Cold I could count if I cared the cost
Coast clear : No more casting about
A painless bout : Long done with doubt
To see evil as evil and call it by that name
A simple sample of how to end the blame game

( ASA )

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