Abandoned places (1)


abandoned mountain

(Freyja’s Mountain – Iceland)

I felt it –
That icy shiver –
On the mountain’s path today,
That strange feeling, that I wasn’t there alone;
The cold wind sighed and whispered,
Across that treeless barren slope:
‘This mountain has been abandoned
far too long.’

‘It is because I’m ugly!’
The mountain’s voice replied.
‘It is because, I have no special sign.
The Sun denies me shadows,
The Moonbeams cannot find;
While the Gods will curse – the same as me,
all those who dare to climb.’

‘I am never capped with snowdust,
even in the fiercest storms,
and the falcon, never seeks me for a bed.
There are no mountains near –
to pass the time of day.
I am abandoned,
and I wish that I was dead.’.

I waited for a moment,
More for breath – then to reflect;
Then carried on upwards
Towards it’s peak.
The mountain cried !
‘Are you not afraid,
to envoke the anger of the Gods?’
I said :
‘My friend, abandonment, is nothing new for me.’

Then I left the mountain,
Talking to itself.

John Anthony Fingleton (Feburary 2016) (Löst Viking)

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