A year of dust, a night of rain

In the settling dust of cricket- song evenings
when the school books tumble onto beds
and satchels are shaken out
when the flickering brass lamp throws moving shadows
over the framed pictures of deities
and on children playing on straw mats
when the old woman fans herself
with the literary supplement of the newspaper
chanting verses from her favourite scriptures
while waiting for the power to be restored
When the raindrops plop into a bucket
finding the gaps in the red terracotta roof
and hearty frogs croak late into the sultry night
and the road becomes a brown shallow stream
A torch glow precedes each passing shadow
street dogs hold baying competitions
and the hungry cow moos for her grassy supper
It is then that an artificial world within recedes
letting the senses soak in the night rain
and petrichor replaces machinery fumes
and life seems worth all its struggles.
April 2013


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About Reena

Reena R is a poet/writer from India, currently living in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates). Her poems have been published in several anthologies and journals. She is the Destiny Poets UK's Poet of the year for 2014 and one of the editors of The Significant Anthology released in July 2015. She won awards at ‘World Union Of Poet’s’ poetry competition, 2016 and at "As You Like It International Poetry Contest’. She won the Reuel International Prize for poetry, 2018.

14 thoughts on “A year of dust, a night of rain

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” A year of dust..” ,draws the reader’s parameters of consciousness inexorably inwards.The poem’s repeated use of, “when” denotes the passage of relative linear time and their allotted quotidian dramas.The use of “machinery” ,is well judged in its use as almost a perjorative counterpoint to the expression of existential joy at the return to an essentially unfettered human sense of well-being.

  2. Reena

    I couldn’t have thought it out this beautifully! Your comments are astute, insightful and add so much to the original poem. Thank you for being there always- your support is invaluable.

  3. Kuchibhotla Sarada

    Every line of it so true in our country… Even today..power failure …hand fans..reciting some scriptures..leaking roof..collecting drops in bucket…
    Everything so Indian
    And the concluding lines
    ‘And petrichor replaces machinery fumes’. I love that aroma….Life truly seems worth all its strug gle…

  4. Lopa Banerjee

    Such an exquisite, divine love poem dedicated to the unadulterated beauty and sublimity of life itself…every line was melodious and pure! Thank you, Reena, for writing such a beautiful ode to life, an antidote to all our worldly struggles…

    So glad to know your beautiful heart through your words.


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