A Wax Seal Ring

Mum and Dad
Sealing marked papers
I , helping , thrilled
To press brass seals
On warm wax blobs

Three times
Sometimes four
The cold seal
Then got hot , stuck
Imprint blurred

The warm red wax
Came unstuck
From the white ticking

You made sure
You cooled the seal
Dipped in water
Then tried again
The wax like putty

Acrid smell
Of melting burning
Lac wax , red,
All the sharper
On brass touch

Wax candle flame
Melting red lac
Cold hard brass

White ticking
Parcels of papers
Sealed with wax
Maroon lac seals
On every seam

Maroon lac
Blobs on white cloth
Each one clear
Sharp seal imprints
When wax hardens

Mum’s helper
Daddy’s buddy
Helping hard
Sealing marked papers
Brass on Wax

In a household
Of academics
Marking answer sheets
Wax-sealing parcels

( Amita San Sakura )

4 thoughts on “A Wax Seal Ring

  1. amitapaul Post author

    Thank you Pushmaotee Subrun for your thoughtful comment . Yes , indeed , I was trying to relive some moments of my childhood while writing this poem .


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