A Traditional Nursery Ryhme: Reboot

The Patron’s wife suffered
from many phobias
concerning the field rodents,
whose habitats had been heavily
baptised by organophosphates,
the profligacy of their usage
afflicting nervous and immune sysytems,
rendering many of the rodents
sightless or otherwise mad;
the rodents’intrusion of the kitchen
where the Senora was preparing tortillas
led to an articulation
poignant and inescapable,
of her own neuroses,
upon seeing the scurrying vermin
she resorted to unerring violence,
raining down blows,
cutting away the barriers,
of her own suffocating labyrinth.

as an aficionado of Latin-American “magic realism”style,
and the works of Vargas Llosa and Borges accredited
as amongst those exerting partial hegemony over mine,
I speculated,in passing,what if traditional nursery ryhmes
such as “Three Blind Mice” were reworked by,Borges?
I have no idea,only the reader can discover this
for themselves.

1 thought on “A Traditional Nursery Ryhme: Reboot

  1. Lokesh Roy

    A theatrical rendition of fine lyrics by Louis Kasatkin, an art in which he far surpasses many of his contemporaries, makes this one a lovable comic poem!

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