A Tiny Poem of Disquiet

           A Tiny Poem of Disquiet

What if the words that you’re reading

somehow are changed and rearranged

by the time you get around

to reading this poem again?

Have they not altered subtly

even since you began reading?

Poems are not novels

where you have to turn a page,

though they do that by themselves

deceiving their readers into believing

that they are reading it

and not as is true the novel reading them;

But a poem,

surely not?

then again

what if the words you’re reading

never change?

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5 thoughts on “A Tiny Poem of Disquiet

  1. Amita Paul

    Very intuitive, and insightful. Works of literature, though pinned down in writing, are living and dynamic entities of ideas and of the mind.
    A poem completes itself in the reader’s mind at a given point of time , and the mind , even that of the poet , is like Heraclitus river : you cannot step into the same river twice . I sometimes read my own poems from long ago , and find in them meanings that I probably had no inkling of when I wrote them .

  2. Suma K Gopal

    A thought-provoking and profound concept! We truly do discover newness, depths and breadths every time we re-read a poem!

  3. Lynda Flint

    Stress, the pressure, pleasure of focused words, not the tight urgency of anxiety. This is the content of such as poems. Shall I write, we or leave it as a personal statement, one that relies on my own understanding, one that touches tenderly on my pulse. Or rages through my blood indiscriminately, then let it be so. Words live their own life.


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