A Thousand Stars

A thousand stars are shining.

All clouds have silver lining.

I know my God is with me,

in everything I do.


I know He is the reason,

for every single season.

I know His Will is perfect,

and all my heart is His.


I know I sometimes leave Him.

Tested to believe Him,

Dear Lord I’m only human

and give my best to You.


So in my imperfection,

I pray God for direction.

Forgive me all misgivings,

it is Your heart I’m living.


and Jesus tells me, keep the Faith.

Be still and let things go.

I wrote the story of your life

and always Love you so.


There may be mountains yet to climb.

There may be times of drought,

but I am with you through it all,

and I will lead you out.


Trust in me with all your heart.

listen with your soul.

Did I not string the heavens

and die to make you whole.


The broken can be mended.

The blind will one day see.

All you ever need to do,

is give it all to me.


A thousand stars are shining.

All clouds have silver lining,

I know my God is with me,

In everything I do.

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I am a Teacher/Family Educator, 'would be farmer', potter, Jill of all trades! friend to all........woman of Faith, who loves to write 'spillings' from her heart in the hope of helping another.

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