A sun of night

Alas! I saw some swimmers,
Swimming in emergent ecstasy of passion,
Battling battle of battles,
Totally trying to forget recession,

What wrong they were doing?
By imagining immortal mortality,
At least lust was off the shelve,
Paving a way against nasty normality,

Now numb night will end,
Due surprising solace of swimmers,
Sun will salute the souls,
Raising the rising rivers,

Superfluously settled Saturn will roll,
Ferocious freedom will freely flaunt,
The wounded will has surpassed weakness,
Now the depressive devil will get “The Haunt”.

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Diwakar Pokhriyal is a writer by passion. He has written 10 poetry books and 1 short story collection which is published. He has been a part of 64 anthologies/magazines with writers around the world. His works are also included in various websites. He is also a part of "Limca Book of Records - 2015" as he participated in "Synthesis - The First book on duet poetry". He has won “Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature-2014” for his short story. With a touch of music in him, he is also a member of the GRV Band as a rhythm guitarist and songwriter. The songs can be enjoyed on You tube channel of GRV Band.

4 thoughts on “A sun of night

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This particular poem lacks nothing for ambition and in many respects would be ideal material for a live performance piece in front of an appreciative audience.That being said,I’m not quite sure what, “The Haunt” is supposed refer to,I do appreciate that it rhymes with “flaunt”, which strikes the reader as being contrived rather than elegant.

    1. DiwakarMe Post author

      Thank you sir for your comment. In last line I used “The” to emphasize more on Haunt. Like we use.. “The Rock”, The United States of America and more. The only purpose of using “The” is to emphasize.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    You make a valid if somewhat tenuous point.Alas,however taking a proper cognisance of English grammar ought to be our guide.Pseudo-Americanisms,gratuitous use of colloquial slang and other linguistic disorders of such ilk are an indulgence that we need to be wary of.There are,after all,standards.

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