A staircase of lies

Back in my teenage years

I could sense that the enemy was close

It didn’t have a face or a name

But its breath was there in the back of my head

Fiery breath, reeking of hate, of envy

The enemy was close, faceless, building a fake story

I was, according to this scenario

A rescued child

All the adults around me were heroes

Death was stretching its claws to grab me

And they, each and every one of them

A superman with clean socks

Rescued me in a joint effort

At that age, I was a spiderman fan though

And I built a net, an invisible one

And every lie they spew

Got glued on that net

And soon a circular staircase was built

And step after step their faces got revealed

Their mouths got crocked

Every word they articulate turned to frogs

Like any story would tell you

Their first borns died,

I got freed from the web of their lies

And just like the Bible says

The waters got splitted

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