A Sin

I, blurry eyed, haul myself up

From the remnants of the ruffled sheets

I, Fathoming the aftermath of the sin

The gory flashback of the night

I, have my senses again

As I start the day at the sink

I, startle and tumble sighting

reproduction on the mirror of

I, the one with the unkempt face

Depiction of Picture perfect sins

I, scar faced bestial, marks from

gnawing teeth and dirtier nails

I, shamed and wrecked

Sudden lump on my throat

I, hurting by the stinging burn as

Cascading tears down my façade

I, grab the hammer from the wall

Aim at the glasswork of the evidence


She, the prima subject of my shame

My misery and vulnerability

She, The temptress

Beckoning, inviting and drawing

She, the  voice that triggered the tranquil

and froze the arm and let fall the weapon

She, the object of my desire,

bids to burn again , feel the fire

She, chortles, as I walk back

To my hall of shame

She, the whisper that asked

Why shatter the mirror that’s just so clear where

She, just an object of my tribulations and

I, a soul so depraved, that I don’t even hear

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