A Silent cry

A cry sounded in her womb
no one did listen but her mother only
may be due to her helplessness
to save the family and society
from ashamedness or what so ever
be the reason; but resonance of cry
is still alive; shouting and shouting

Mom! save me; I am your first love
I am the fruit of your divine love
I am the first runner amongst
millions of sibling which you conceived
and you want to destroy me
do realize my toils and wishes
for being brought up
with your blood, bones and marrow
when you’ll listen my every heart beat
I’ll smile with your every smile
I’ll sleep when you sleep
but leave me for few months
to grow up my every limbs.

One day you will give me birth
I’ll weep but you’ll laugh then
you’ll kiss me and will get the grace
for being mother like the mother earth

Mom! leave me for few days
I do promise, I’d be your obedient
I’d be stick of your old age and
of Dad too; but for God sake
please do not kill me

I am not at all faulty, you have admitted
the law of creation; thus I have come
in your womb, to fulfill your desire.

Mom! Please do not kill me.

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Poetry!! ! The Expression of soul. Poetry ! A perpetual stream of sacred consciousness flowing ever and ever beyond planets and stars and even plenty of universe. writing poetry since teen age. Use to write chiefly in three languages viz English, Bengali and Hindi.Retired from government service still have to cover a long journey. Life may come Life may go but a poet goes on for ever.

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