A sensation

An evening nondescript a night seeking,
a night as young a day overlapping
a distant light my neighbor’s window glisten  
me , my bare enough body a niggardly muslin
as if for those loins to be in  cusp my groins willing ,
your fingers fumbling o’er  my sinewy nerves, ah! for a new lease of life;
did I have a  choice then my buckled knees offering
a chin hamstrung by righteousness , my whole being 
what with a world darned for a dinner yet  to be,
we made a simple discovery!
as I wasn’t I, nor you you- we were just we, the world as ours only ;    
your hands gravitating yet not shedding  modesty quite;
to retreat, retreating to arrive –
tides of pleasure , lapping shore constantly…

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