A Reverie

Relishing the extravaganza of a siesta

I was cuddling under the cosy blanket

Suddenly the room was filled with chirrups

Joggling the calm air with jangly jingles


Couldn’t deem the crowning fiesta

With cherubs fluttering all around me

Naughty, chattery, ludic, little cute ones

Flapping on the fan, floor and furniture


Romping to the rhythm of a celesta

They got down pulling my mantle of dreams

Mocking, gagging, patting and tickling

Finally I opened my eyes into vacuum


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Professionally I am a life science researcher, trying to reveal biological truths. But poetry helps me to search my inner truth. I was introduced to poetry by my father who is a poet. I see poetry as a medium to express my emotions, imaginations and opinions

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