A Place for God

The search for god to stay
a place of choice to find !
from glorious hilltop heights
unto fresh air of forests

where there be no boundary
only barricades of cacti form
to stop petals that be blown
laced with poisonous pollen

where liberty flows free
meandering brooks of fear forgotten

to sequin careless nights that be   
in cascades of bohemian fashion

where phantoms do not scare
and thoughts seldom torment
those haunting memories
in twitches of repentance

where lanterns of love light
flickering flames of serendipity
and fragrance of flower fill
domains of one vacuous beauty

where time stops awhile
besotted by a beauty beholden
for pleasure epicurean that may
mummify memories golden

to tantalize death where
it juggle up a seeming cemetery
for epitaph of mind really
engrave a timeless history…

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