A part of me died…

They asked why “……”
And I said ” why not…”
Between both why’s
I lived
I succumbed
Sometimes, somewhere
As a seeker
Down the mountain
Flowing ganges
With herds, on its bank
Having wild morsel
I thought why “….”
Something in me
Answered ” Why not…”
I again lived
Shallow breaths
Deep thoughts
I saw sun
Sun saw me
We both smiled
Sea was serene
Moon was calm
And both were painting
the canvas of surreal union
of different shades of dusk and dawn
I watched
I watched
And I watched
For, it was the last gaze
Which all words shall I choose???
At my own grave
Screaming loudly in deft of silence
Something died
A part of me died

2 thoughts on “A part of me died…

  1. VijayNair

    A deftly- crafted confessional poem, filled with thoughts on existence and mortality, emanating from a perturbed mind.


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