A pack of lies

What lies the eyes doth tell?

Much more than the lips
that kiss and sell
a packet of lies
in mouth’s soft curves.

as she lets the tears
brim over the lashes
that in vain
tries to hide her quiver.

What lies
doth the eyes tell,
dear ?

Whatever the ears,
in haste want to hear.

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About Dr.Mary Annie A.V.

Dr.Mary Annie A.V. hails from Trivandrum, India and writes under the pen name 'anna maria' . She hails from a family of writers . She holds a high official post in the University of Kerala,Trivandrum,India. She resides in India with her husband and three children. Her poems have been published in various e-magazines , print anthologies in India and abroad. She has two collections to her credit, titled "My Beads Unstrung" and 'More Beads Unstrung'. Her definition of a poem is : Virgin white paper raped. Rapt. Writing is her passion :)

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