A New Year Can Begin Any Day

A new year can be started any day,

Start and count three hundred and sixty five days

And it makes it a new year in progress.

Relish the first drop of dew,

And treasure those who truly love you.

The ones who don’t,

They simply don’t exist now on,

And heart is not allowed to ache for those who are gone.

The ones who left the world

Continue to live in memories, shining bright

And if you are alone this day,

Come on! It is just alright.

So start counting to three hundred and sixty five

And we will meet again on the other side.

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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

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