A new dance

A new dance

“When the young start throwing rocks at elders, it is time to clear the playground for a different dance – by new dancers.” – Ikhide Ikheloa

For long have we moved our body to the rhythm of this dance,
For long have we danced vigorously as people in a trance.
Yet, despite the swiftness of our feet,
The dancers are looked at as people who can’t keep to beat.

What then can we do?
Must we continue the dance into our waterloo?
Or do we forsake the dance of old,
And set the stage for a new dance of our own?

This dance of shame has gone on for long enough.
These dancers have been ridiculed by those they love.
These dance steps need to change,
Set the stage, people; we have a new dance, with new dancers who have overcome their pain.

©Ogunjimi James Taiwo, March 2013

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