A Lover’s Song

( dedicated to Antoine Leiris , who lost his wife in the Bataclan Theatre ,Paris )

Helene, I loved you with an overwhelming heart
Twelve years back
When I fell in love with you, and still do.
Those romantic candle light dinners
Those stolen kisses
That laughter unbridled
You will not come back to my fold
But to my heart I will hold
Your gift – our seventeen month old!

The other day he lisped and you lisped with him
You chortled, when he chortled
These memories will be forever bottled
In my broken heart.
A heart, ah, so cruelly broken by hate
Ah, this anguish is great.
These streets will not be the same again
Pockmarked as they are with pain.
My heart bleeds for those times of yore
These times are now drenched in gore
In this city, once home, listlessly I roam.

Let me go feed Melvil, my little dove
With love , and try singing his favorite lullaby
Helene, goodbye
Paris will weep
But, beloved, you sleep
Till we meet again,
Where there is no hate, no pain.

My heart bleeds for the haters too
I will shame them
By my eternal love for you.
Sleep, my loving wife,
Helene, I will now live my life
With our son, our tiny seventeen month old.
His smile will warm me in days cold.
The show will go on,
Rest assured, haters, I will not hate you
But Melvil, and I, with our love will make you rue
Your corrosive hate
Just watch and wait.

4 thoughts on “A Lover’s Song

  1. Kumaara Sukeja

    The anguish in the traumatized hearts portrayed with empathy in the moving verses sensitively written by the poetess renowned for her prowess in dealing with her subject ! Kudos !

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