A Love Story Unfolds On The River Lidder

Yesterday I again dreamt I was in Kashmir at the banks of the river Lidder.
Pacing one step hither and two steps thither
Intrigued by the wavelets that rippled and roared.
My mind slack, merrily I strolled.

Drowning the distant sound of a gun
Gilded by the rays of the setting sun
A solitary, snow white cloudlet looked down upon me
Cruising along in a mood cheerful and free.

Slowly, its black wings the warm night spread
With cautious tread, the stars overhead
Came out of hiding
And the moon came riding

Majestically on the back of a cloud
Like an emperor proud.
The night took the river in an embrace tight
With voyeuristic curiosity, the stars were alight.

In a frenzy of excitement, each other the waves pounded
The trees were momentarily dumbfounded
Out of the night’s embrace sheepishly the river tried to wriggle
And the naughty wavelets tried to smother many a giggle.

But soon the trees recovered their loquacity
Sloughing and rustling ditty after love laced ditty
Under the eye of the moon faced monarch
Sparkled the absolutely bewitched etchings on the Pine bark.

Snugly engraved within a heart pierced with arrows, in strokes bold
A sublime love story they retold, as on-wards I strolled.
The music of love the wind belted out
Love never dies; this was their music all about.

The stars winked and whispered, the waves made catcalls
Burying many a hatchet, nipping incipient brawls
The triple alliance of the stars, waves and trees
From my troubled forehead removed many a crease.

The river snuggled in the arms of the night
Splashing and murmuring, its passion at its height
Whispering sweet nothings under dark, undulating covers
Breathing nothing but love, snugly cuddled the passionate lovers.

And as I dreamt on, the trinity cheered on this love story
Removing the trails of another story, alas, so gory.

9 thoughts on “A Love Story Unfolds On The River Lidder

  1. Lopa Banerjee

    This is a wonderful tribute to your idyllic birthplace, strewn with the mellifluous melody of your words…the picturesque narrative of your dream takes us readers to a profound spiritual journey when love is the antidote to everything! Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful dream 🙂



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