A long tunnel of silence

Turning around, tossing up
need to be somewhere, need to be doing
things fall apart;
we cannot hear each other
not pause but scream under the light.

perhaps we desparately need
a tunnel of silence;
in the seamless darkness
spell letters and words,
mute but well rounded, beautiful.

love to hear not in the face
no longer in the rush
echoing in the dark;
feel the skin deep warmth,
creating our own silent world.


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About gopallahiri

Gopal Lahiri, a bilingual poet from India, has been writing poetry for more than twenty years. He has had five poetry collections in Bengali (mother tongue) and five collections in English. His poems appeared in print and electronic publications worldwide. He is a regular contributor of poems in several poetry web sites and magazines.

3 thoughts on “A long tunnel of silence

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The line , ” creating our own silent world ” , concludes a succinct and yet comprehensive exploration of interlocking themes. Alienation ,ennui ,an inability or unwillingness to communicate on a personal level ;are all touched on in this challenging narrative.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    This poem comprises one of the twelve chosen for inclusion in ,PICK OF THE POEMS;QUARTERLY 2012 RETROSPECTIVE: PART 2
    The second quarterly , ” PICK OF THE POEMS ” PART 2 : Poems posted @ http://www.destinypoets.co.uk during April 1st – June 30th. The editorial choice is again tabulated in alphabetical order. …”Blue eyed Boy’s Mother”. by Sana Rose….”Day dreams”.by Annie Marie…”Forefathers” by Sarita Jenamani…”Give flowers”.by Leander David…”Give yourself to true love
    “.by Rima Jaber…”I am waiting”.by Nalini Priyadarshni…”If I could turn back time”.by Sharon Elizabeth Walker…”Japanese Stamp”.by Iulia Gherghei…”Long tunnel of silence”.by Gopal Lahiri….”Metal Shavings”.by Martin Nicholson…”Mill Man’s Magic”.by Amol Redij…”Nature’s Child”.by Suzanne Parlee…

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