A Letter

A letter is
an intimate conversation
between two people
the one who writes opens a door
for the reader to enter
one’s personal space
often sacred and vulnerable
a narrative of timeless wait
for the reader it is an act of love
as if one enters that time
when one was thought of fondly 
may be missed passionately 
that frozen piece of time is
packed and parceled
with utmost care
once it is read
it is frozen in memory
If unanswered
It throbs eternally
like  an endless saga
of longing and waiting
a letter is nothing less
than a miracle.

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About Sangeeta Gupta

Poet, abstract artist, documentary film maker. Has 20 published books, 9 collections of poems translated in Greek, German, bangla, urdu, dogri. Writes both in English and Hindi. Has scripted and directed 7 documentary films. Has held 35solo exhibitions of paintings in India and abroad. Based in Delhi, India.

6 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. amitapaul

    Quite a burden of sentiment and expectation placed on a piece of paper often used for the most mundane purposes , in fact ! Love letters of course are a genre in themselves .


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