A Letter for my Husband

I wandered to the kitchen and wo, before my eyes

Were mountainous terrains of dirt, with dishes all around.

Every right would I of had, and had indeed had I

Complain from every rooftop too, at what a scene found I.


But true to form, my sleeves rolled up, that’s if those sleeves I had

I walked right over to the door, collecting pinny, now in hand

And o’er my head did go, round and round the waist did go

Or so I wish my belly shrank, ooh so?


As waddling I indeed did go to yonder sink, oops

Where water suds of no, did flood.

Quickly did my fingers move to crash, and bang, for mopped up flow

‘Not now’, my girls did wake, or so I thought.


Bang and crash, swish and swirl did those bubbles, water flow

O’er the pots, and the pans, scrub that stove top plan is next.

On with given task at hand, can’t quite make out the clock of time

‘til a yawn, and then one more, why the watery eyes galore?


Half past two am I mean? Wow, our kitchen now is clean.

Now my husband sleep in you may, not now the wreck is displayed.

Onward ho, and yonder mate, back to sleep, and sleep will go

For now our kitchen sparkles so, nitenite to all!


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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