A Journey of Life: A story of exploitation, hope, revolution and self realization

Breeze follows the way

the way of life sometimes

undetermined yet unprovoked

ends in a fashion unknown.


Unknown the way I

traversed through the way lead by wind

A dry leaf with no other purpose

except to travel through the breeze


I traversed across

mountains rivers valleys

through people unknown their faces

yet something known to me

that everything has a purpose in life.


While traversing through

those vast nature

breeze suddenly stopped

sun ending through the horizon

Ended in a garden of flowers

in the midst of the city.


I looked for another breeze to come

but there were none

all was there a silence

as shrewd as a graveyard


I began to tremble

fear came across the mind

the journey suddenly seems to have stopped

is this the ending of me after traversing

through the mountains

a journey with no ending

ended in an unfashioned way?


Just as I feel desperate

I closed my eyes and opened again

looked for something

fresh and with life,  a movement

a ray of light……..

Sudden Eyes struck an assembly of movement.

An assembly of young buds of the garden

Noiseful remorseful and tumultuous

yet there was something in them to attract me

that was nothing except my own wish

to get rid of my loneliness here in this garden.


walked towards them to enquire

about them and to kill my own loneliness


those eyes skeptical about me

and saw an alien in me

as if I was from another plant

someone who lost his way landed here


they displeased with my attire

further viewed with disgust

after all a dry leaf has no beauty

except the darkness of death

lingering around it died yet still alive

only by the breeze which takes it away

to places and places


Still with fear inside me but

couraged to ask to see

anyway more to go

than ending this unfashioned way


Oh dear young blooms

what brings you together

here in this beautiful garden


On beautiful ones what is there

to remorse about for you

I see remorse in you sametime

see a sense of purpose and courage


Unbothered by my enquiries and

displeased with me they

still engaged in their gathering

babbling and at times with a silence

unknown to me but visible in their eyes

Enquired who I am?

I was nothing but a dry leaf

nothing but an orphic

orphaned by a tree

Yet I had a story untold


Revealed a story of truth

to those young buds


Story of truth about society

exploitation at its epitome


Long ago I was a leaf

Part of a young tree

Greenish tender and joyful


Near to me, A beautiful

young flower bloomed

Beauty majestically drawn

art in her petals

Nature created showing magnanimity


Contours unravelled beauty

perfectly drawn for attention

like a rainbow in the sky

Innocence shown by petals

and love revealed by style

pollens messengers of love

countlessly across cosmos


Petals rounded to earth

A soul inside them immaculate

hue dispelling the darkness of viewer

a sight once touched timelessly inspiring


butterflies never placed their pedals

on petal not to remove its sanctity

bees drew the honey of love

to spread it among mankind

sun late to set not to forgo

the sight of bliss


winds tamed not to disturb

the ones who never can be

won except by pure heart

rays compete to glow

the dew into a rainbow

a bliss brought to the nature

to enlighten the ones who saw


A dark morning appeared

madam stoned by heart

hands of cruel glowing

a witch with the magic of

bleeding others to death

only to fulfill her existence


searched across the garden

looking for a bloom to satisfy

her masters who are slaves of lust


with a stroke she yanked the bloom

still innocently it smiled at her

after all children all they know is smile

but stoned hearts sometime never return

anything except the cruelty since

all exists there is the darkness of death

innocence of life sometimes

best bestowed at death


vanity and hunger prevailed in hearts

witch turned them into slaves for her desires

presented bloom to her masters whose lust

turns life of innocence into a stone

petals of gentleness turned to stone

by the touch of their hands

pollens of love turned to death

by the kiss of their lips

contours once a rainbow

thunder by the lust in their eyes

once a thing of beauty and joy

now turned to the death of darkness

A bliss shattered by the

countless masters it passed through


masters who in society are the elite

unafraid of anything except the end of their power

a power more revealed by darkness

than the light it holds to be

never got them guilty nor tried

because other men still dream

to be another master and

thus a slave of their own desire

all masters once slaves

their slaveness still lingering

in the eyes of lust they hold


who is to be blamed or tried ?

except the society itself

in whose eyes a thing of beauty

is an object of consumption

not an object of appreciation or bliss

a society which views silence is peace

inaction is harmony and delayed is justice

conceals its own mistakes only to

ravel greater dangers ahead

everything and anything is an object

of consumption to be used and thrown away

boasts of its own rights and freedom

that everyone said to be enjoyed

except true for masters

and for slaves who aspire to be masters

when this will end only when

slaves forgo their desire to be next masters

and arise to be men as they were once


conditioned to be used and thrown

the bloom lost innocence

petals once soft now harder

and rays of light diminishing

only to be another valley of death

everything changes and change

is the movement of time

time traversed to old age

and once loved by masters

became a thing of disgust

her own existence now pointed

to become another madam!!

irony at its best, a life of innocence

joy and bliss turned to death

to make another life to death

a cycle which nature devised

only to remove her own beauty

creation, destruction, an endless cycle

death and birth coexist to become life

and thus life still continues……..


Oh young buds this is the story

fight to your destinies and fate

I wish if change had come

and slaves arose to become men

and masters don’t exist anymore

society judged by appreciation and bliss

than by consumption and glamour

vanity overruled by humbleness

darkness removed by the ray of light


Not all buds have understood me

some will forget me and my story

yet one in them will fight and become

the point of change

that is all I desire except the purpose

to traverse through the breeze

to another land and thus my journey

never ends till darkness prevails……………………………..


In the mist of darkness

I perceive a ray of light

I begin to follow the ray of light

In the journey

I realize I am the ray of light

There ends my life and darkness

The “I” no longer exists

all exists is the ray of light.

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