A Future when I’m Not

A future when I’m not
I can clearly imagine
Although it should mean nought
I am quite oddly caught
As I shouldn’t have been
Invested in this plot

Perhaps I think the Earth
And Mankind should survive
To wait for my rebirth
But then is there a dearth
Of planets where to thrive
In many a Universe ?

Now Sonja made me think
About Future and I
Is there really a link ?
Advanced age made me blink
Time quickly passes by
So quite soon I shall sink

And although simple reason
Tells me I won’t be here
For this or other season
The logical cohesion
Perhaps from latent fear
Shows no sign of adhesion

Perhaps I am not honest
For although I imagine
The Future but at best
It isn’t the longest
I’m not in but I’m in
As if a ghostly guest

For I’m the one imagining
Even the Future I’m not in
So without me there is nothing
Now this is not too flattering
Although it falls far short of sin
I fear I am just babbling

( ASA )

6 thoughts on “A Future when I’m Not

    1. Amita Paul

      Thank you so much, Vijay Nair .
      I had been reading Larkin’s Aubade when I wrote this . The association is well detected.


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